We Are Fiduciaries. Independent, Objective & Transparent.

Our 3 Core Beliefs:


Something that cannot be purchased, a gift not everyone possesses. We pride ourselves in our uncompromising adherance to strong moral & ethical principles, both "on & off the field".


Our roll in this relationship is to steward your financial assets. We are humbled that you entrust us with this great responsibility.


We disclose all product features, benefits and fees so you will never be hit with a 'gotcha' moment after completion.


YOUR DREAMS MATTER - At ABC Wealth Inc., we believe everyone is entitled to live the retirement lifestyle they have envisioned. We will create for you a prudent game plan using a variety of investment and insurance products that are "industry best", non-propietary and unavailable to the general public.

The Back Nine Wealth Plan

Douglas C. Robb Jr. - President/Servant

For Doug, life is about the ABCs: attitude, behavior and commitment. It is the way he lives his life, raises his children and works with clients. With over 25 years of experience in the financial world, Doug has learned he can’t control the markets, interest rates or trade wars, the same way he cannot control a terrible health diagnosis or family tragedy. But he can control the ABCs.

Doug wasn’t satisfied with the company-first mentality of the large firms he spent 16 years of his career working for. He opened his own financial firm in 2016 so he would have the freedom to put his clients first, not a corporation. Now a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), Doug is held to a fiduciary duty of care, which requires him by law, to place the best interests of his clients above his own, a practice Doug wholeheartedly embraces.

When Doug meets with clients, he begins by asking a lot of questions. He listens carefully, not just to what the clients say, but to the emotions behind their words to make sure he fully understands their concerns, goals and objectives. He views himself as a steward who is entrusted to manage an extremely valuable part of his clients’ lives (their #4). He takes this responsibility very seriously and has the utmost commitment to his clients’ success. 

Doug and his high school sweetheart Dara have been married since 1993 and have been blessed with five children. Familiar with facing life’s challenges; his children have been through cancer, life-threatening surgeries and autism, in addition to the typical trials all families are confronted with. Doug's philosophy on life is to never ask why bad things happen to us, but to focus on how we respond to these inevitable challenges that we will all face throughout our lives. He and his Family did just that, and overcame together. Through these tragedies and triumphs, Doug has become the person that he is today: a success story about a man of faith, living his daily life with the gratitude of God’s grace.

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